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By focusing on the future, Matteucci Family Law helps clients throughout New Mexico survive what is often the most challenging time of their lives. Rather than letting a divorce or other family law matter tear apart their family, destroy their business, or ruin their finances, Bob Matteucci helps his clients find a stable, secure, and sound path forward.

Bob’s first-hand experience of divorce as a father and business owner drives him to get the best possible outcomes for his clients. When possible, he negotiates collaborative solutions outside the courtroom to minimize the time it takes to resolve the case, cut costs, and shield his clients from public scrutiny. But he is not afraid to litigate when aggressive action is what it takes to get his clients the results they deserve. 

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Working with Bob Matteucci of Matteucci Family Law was probably the best experience we could have had, given the situation with which we were dealing. Bob treated us with respect and most definitely took our case and situation to heart...and then fought for us and our son. Ultimately my wife and I walked away maintaining...

— Matthew Gridley
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Very professional, As Well As Compassionate

Working with Bob and Krista was an excellent experience for me. They made a very difficult time in my life go so much smoother. They were very responsive to any questions or concerns I had. Bob’s legal expertise gave me a sense of security throughout the process. I found both Bob and Krista to be...

— Tiffany C
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Professionalism, Responsiveness

Bob was open and honest throughout my entire divorce process. He advised me to seek mediation and although it was a difficult divorce, it turned out to be the right path. I told Bob what my bottom line was and he was able to protect and preserve that target and then some. He under promises...

— Tom Heflin
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Let’s face it: going through a marital breakup is never easy and a contentious divorce will only add to the pain. It takes a compassionate family law attorney to understand your concerns, explain all your options, and to help you make the best decisions for your family and your future.

As a native New Mexican, Bob Matteucci understands the legal, financial, and emotional burdens that families face in the divorce process. He can help to lift those burdens by providing you with first-rate representation and the personal attention you deserve. Bob has a well-earned reputation as a dedicated advocate who works to find innovative solutions to his clients’ most personal and pressing challenges

By taking the time to get to know you and understanding your unique circumstances, he will work to help you navigate this difficult transition with dignity and compassion. No matter the issue you are facing, you will have peace of mind knowing that Matteucci Family Law is on your side.

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Common Family Law Issues in New Mexico
Matteucci Family Law regularly handles a wide range of family law matters, including:

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Though these are common issues, no two families are the same and each case is unique. As an example, couples who have acquired significant assets often face challenges in terms of dividing marital property. First, New Mexico is a community property state, which means that all assets and debts acquired during the marriage typically need to be divided equally, including business interests, investment portfolios, multiple homes and vacation properties, complex retirement accounts and more. Moreover, a litigated divorce is a public process that could expose a high net-worth couple’s financial affairs to unnecessary scrutiny. This can be dealt with.

This is where a savvy family law attorney can help. Bob Matteucci earned a Masters in business at Tulane University. He established and grew a successful business that he profitably sold before going to law school. He leverages his understanding of assets and liabilities as well as businesses to identify complex assets and determine their value. Above all, Bob will work to ensure that your privacy and interests are protected through the divorce and custody process.

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Unfortunately, one of the most contentious issues in a divorce is child custody. While the New Mexico courts presume that joint custody is in the best interests of the child, it can still be difficult for fathers to assert their rights. In some cases, sole legal custody may be appropriate.

Trust Matteucci Family Law to help you reach an amicable resolution that allows both you and your ex-spouse to play an active role in your children’s lives. Bob Matteucci also regularly handles custody cases in which the parties were not married and is keenly aware that establishing paternity is often an overarching issue in determining child support and parenting time.

Regardless of the family law issue facing you, Bob will work with you individually, offering you trustworthy advice and objective insights. He represents clients from all walks of life and can help you find solutions that work best for your family.

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Matteucci Family Law is guided by a principle to always work in the client’s best interest. When you consult with Bob Matteucci, you can rest assured that he will find an approach that helps you restore order to your family.

Bob has the skills and experience to reach negotiated solutions to all types of family law issues, but he is fully prepared to litigate when necessary. Above all, he will work to relieve the stress you are experiencing and make the process easier on you and your family. Please reach out today for help with your family law matter.

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