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The founding attorney of Matteucci Law Firm, Bob Matteucci, has the well-honed skills to deal with all aspects of divorce, from spousal support to child visitation. He has worked closely with a broad range of clients in diverse circumstances, including those with few assets and those with high net worth, those who are relative newlyweds and those who are at retirement age, those in same-sex marriages, and those with previous marriages and stepchildren. Contact him to discuss which of the following options are best suited to your situation.

Uncontested Divorce

When the spouses agree on major issues of the divorce, such as child custody and property division, they can have an uncontested divorce, i.e. one that is settled without the inevitable stress, delays, and expenses associated with extended negotiations, failed settlement attempts, and even a courtroom trial. 


In situations in which the two parties have a basic level of good faith but do not agree on every issue, a mediated divorce may be a better option. Here both spouses work with a neutral third party, often a family law attorney. Bob Matteucci can assist either party and treat them fairly and without bias. If you decide on a mediated divorce, he will clarify the effect each decision will have and how it will benefit each individual. 


During a collaborative divorce, each spouse has a specially trained and certified family law attorney that is experienced in diplomatic negotiations. When spouses engage in a collaborative divorce process, instead of confronting one another with a set of demands, they work together to create a mutually acceptable divorce agreement to end their marriage. 

It should be noted that in a collaborative divorce both parties and both lawyers agree that if a workable divorce arrangement cannot be arrived at and the case proceeds to the courtroom, new lawyers must be employed.

Traditional Divorce 

A traditional divorce is a process during which each spouse has their own attorney and the two attorneys will exchange documents and information, discuss possible settlements while protecting either party’s interests. Traditional divorces are the most common type of divorve that Bob Matteucci handles. In most situations, the attorneys negotiate a settlement and file the necessary documents without having to go to court. If, however, the parties and attorneys cannot agree on a settlement, it may be necessary for the divorce to go to court.

Military Divorce

When one or both divorcing spouses are service members, issues to be considered may be more complicated than during a civilian divorce. For one thing, when one spouse is currently serving in the military, it is considerably more difficult to make custody and visitation arrangements. 

For another, dividing military pensions and retirement plans requires an in-depth understanding of military law. Fortunately for clients who consult with Bob Matteucci, these issues are not big hurdles, since Bob has a great deal of experience with military regulations and knows, among other things:

  • How to serve divorce papers to a service member
  • How to divide marital property that includes a military pension
  • How to deal with child support and spousal support in a military divorce
  • How to make child custody and parenting time work in terms of deployments

Whether you are a service member or are married to one, our family law practice is definitely up to the challenge of handling your divorce.

Same-Sex Divorce

Once same-sex marriage became legal in all 50 states, same-sex divorce also became legal in New Mexico. Matteucci Family Law handles all marriages, gay and straight, with the same competence, compassion, and legal skill that clients have come to expect. Bob Matteucci is committed to employing the same principles of fair-mindedness and discretion with all the divorcing couples he works with, whatever the particulars of gender.

Since same-sex marriage did not become legal in New Mexico until 2013, some couples seeking divorce are currently bound by a civil union that was obtained in another state rather than by marriage vows. Though a civil union is a bit different from marriage, our family attorney can help you if you are in this confusing situation. 

Settlement Facilitation Can Be an Important Part of Many Divorces in New Mexico

In New Mexico, if the attorneys of either party cannot negotiate a settlement, the attorneys or the judge may have the parties and attorneys participate in settlement facilitation. In settlement facilitation, a neutral third party, who could be a family law attorney or a retired family law judge, will have the parties and attorney participate in a, typically, one-day negotiation process. One party and their attorney will be in one room and the other party and their attorney will be in another room. The facilitator will go back and forth between the rooms and work to settle the divorce and/or custody matter. More often than not, settlement facilitations are successful and the parties are divorced soon after the facilitation.  

If the settlement facilitation fails, there is a good chance the case will go to trial.

Aspects of Divorce Our Family Law Practice Handles

Bob Matteucci is well-prepared to guide you through all the aspects of divorce that are that apply in your case, such as:

  • Division of marital assets, debts, and liabilities
  • Complex and high-net-worth divorces
  • Divorces involving assets that are difficult to evaluate
  • Spousal support (alimony)
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Civil domestic abuse
  • Modifications of spousal/child support
  • Modifications of child custody/visitation

If you are an individual seeking not only a successful outcome but as smooth and nonconfrontational a process as possible, Matteucci Law Firm is the right place to come.

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