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Had my best interest

My divorce took one year and three months to complete. We had no assets no, money, and nothing to fight about except the parenting plan. Usually, divorces like mine are handled very quickly and for very little money. However, when you are working with another party that is in the military, and regardless of military service is a very difficult individual to boot, with a lawyer that could match him for whit, things take a long time. My lawyer was Robert Matteucci Jr. of New Mexico Legal Group, and he handled this drawn out divorce and the difficult other party with a lot of finesse and skill. This was a frustrating situation, and he maintained constant composure through every bit of it. He knows his material, and is on the ball when it comes to responding to emails and phone calls. When the other party or his lawyer were degrading to my character, as an individual, he was quick to my defense, and I felt that my lawyer really had my best interest and the interest of my kids at heart. His paralegal Krista Barnett should be a lawyer herself, and I appreciated how quickly she got things taken care of. I would highly recommend this law firm for divorce and family matters, and I would highly recommend this lawyer to anyone going through this type of situation.

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